Highest Paying Jobs in Malaysia According to Level in 2017

With times changing so quickly and technology advancing to great heights, choosing a career path can be quite a nerve-wracking ordeal. Getting into university and deciding on a course is one thing, but to think about what you want to do for possibly the rest of your life—that’s something else entirely.

Although your mind may wander through all the different aspects to consider about a particular job, the one thing you’ll definitely want to prioritise is the salary. With so many new jobs being created today, it’s not as easy to pinpoint just one perfect job that will bring the highest income.

However, fret not! The folks at iMoney.my have compiled a list based on the 2017 Salary Report released by Jobstreet, which outlines the roles and industries that pay the highest according to their job level. This can perhaps give you a rough idea about the career path you may have in mind.

Fresh Graduate / Entry Level


  1. Construction Engineer

    Industry: Engineering
    Minimum Qualification: Bachelor of Civil Engineering
    Salary Range: From RM5,500
    Related Jobs: Civil Engineer, Architectural Engineer, Building Engineer

  2. Hotel / Restaurant Consulting

    Industry: Hospitality Management
    Minimum Qualification: Bachelor’s degree or diploma in Hospitality Management or Business Administration
    Salary Range: RM5,100
    Related Jobs: Risk Manager, Strategy Director

  3. Software Developer

    Industry: Computer, Information Technology (IT)Minimum Qualification: Bachelor of Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Software Engineering Salary Range: From RM4,600
    Related Jobs: Computer Programmer, Software Analyst


Source: https://afterschool.my/careers-advice/highest-paying-jobs-in-malaysia-according-to-level-in-2017 

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